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6 Reasons Reading Benefits Adults

Read any good books lately?

March 2 is Read Across America Day, also known as Dr. Seuss Day, when parents are encouraged to read to their children, and school children are encouraged to read.

Studies have consistently shown that children who are read to, even before their first birthday, develop better vocabulary skills and perform better in school. School children who read also perform better in school in all subjects, not just reading. Reading exercises the brain, expands knowledge of the world and calms the nerves, all good traits for doing well in school.

But what about Mom and Dad?

It turns out that reading is not just a good exercise for children. There are many benefits adults gain from reading as well. Here are six reasons adults should read.

Better speaking and writing skills. Whether in a casual conversation with a friend or speaking in a business meeting, it’s good to know precise words and their meanings. The same goes for writing – thanks to email, texting and social media, we do lots of writing these days. Reading helps develop better vocabulary, grammar and thought structure.

Stress reduction. Whether reading an exciting novel or an intriguing magazine article, reading is a distraction from all the stresses around you. Those moments of losing yourself in a book can provide the revitalization you need to face the rest of the day.

Memory improvement. Reading, especially a novel, requires your mind to remember characters, plots and subplots. Each memory adds synapses to the brain, which increase your overall short-term memory. But it can also have lasting effects – some studies suggest reading can slow the progression of, or even prevent, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Increased knowledge. Non-fiction books like biographies and histories obviously add to your knowledge, but most fiction books are also well researched and usually include tidbits about the world around you. That doesn’t just make you seem smarter at parties, but also helps you understand and enjoy the world more.

Improved productivity. In today’s world we’re bombarded with stimuli from all directions, making it hard to concentrate, which makes us less productive. Reading a book, even for 15-20 minutes, will develop focus and concentration skills. In addition, it has also been shown to increase analytical skills that also improve productivity.

It’s low-cost entertainment. It’s possibly even free, if you take advantage of the local library or download some of the many free e-books available. But even buying a book, compared to the price of a movie or concert, is relatively cheap. Look for quality used book stores, garage sales and book-swapping venues where you can find books at bargain prices.


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