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This excellent list is taken from the Brian Dodd On Leadership Blog and appears HERE


10 Characteristics Of Effective Church Communications which will help you and your church:

  1. Effective Church Communications Attach You To The Mission And Vision Of The Church – The bulletin said, “This Summer God Changed Lives Through Our Church Family.”
  2. Effective Church Communications Reveal What Is Important – Even if you do not attend FBC Woodstock, by looking at this bulletin you know children, students, the community, volunteers and reaching people for Jesus Christ is of primary concern to this church.
  3. Effective Church Communications Are Celebratory – The bulletin celebrated the number of lives changed over the summer by this wonderful ministry.
  4. Effective Church Communications Are Measurable – When communicating, always use a story, scripture or statistic.  3,293 kids attended VBS.  68 kids gave their life to Christ at VBS.  796 students attended summer camp.  144 decisions for Christ were made at summer camp.  6,350 attended our Celebrate America event.  1,135 volunteers helped make it all happen.
  5. Effective Church Communications Move People To Action – The inspirational nature of the bulletin makes you want to get involved and not miss whatever this church is doing next.
  6. Effective Church Communications Are Done With Excellence – You cannot microwave excellence.  It takes time.  The layout, color schemes and pictures were done in a such a way as to make my wife and I take notice.
  7. Effective Church Communications Make It Easy For Others To Communicate Your Message – The bulletin used the hashtag #GodChangesLives allowing others to continue sharing the stories of God’s work online.
  8. Effective Church Communications Are Clear And Concise – Excellent communications compels your people to tell others.  Therefore, use clear and concise language to make your messaging easy-to-remember and repeatable.
  9. Effective Church Communications Focus On Just A Few Things – Do not talk about too many things in your communications.  It waters down your messaging.  If everything is important, nothing is important.  Discuss only a few things.  Here is what the bulletin covered – children and students, the community, volunteers and Jesus Christ changing lives.
  10. Effective Church Communications Are Multi-Generational – Prevailing ministries unite generations for Kingdom purposes in every area, including their messaging.  While much of the bulletin is devoted to children and students, the 1,135 volunteers (mostly adult) were highlighted as well.
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