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20 Father’s Day Cards Kids Can Make


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20 Father’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Be inspired by these cute and kid-friendly cards, just in time for Father’s Day.

Jennifer Geisman, Contributor

A handmade card or gift for dad goes a long way on Father’s Day. Fill an afternoon with creativity, and maybe even a few giggles, as you and your children construct homemade wishes for Dad’s big day.

Share this with your nanny or babysitter, so they can make them with your kids in the days leading up to Father’s Day.


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  1. I Love You This Much Card
    Easy yet eloquent, these Father’s Day cards simply need your child’s handprint and letter rub-ons. This easy craft is a wonderful exercise for children who are learning how to write simple words and letters.
  2. Hand Print Card 
    Kids can use their hands to make this adorable card. Add googly eyes and details to make it look like a special daddy.
  3. How Dad Measures Up
    A cute way to say “You rule, Dad!,” “I love you this much!” or “Dad, you really go the distance,” this adorable tape measure card can be adapted to any of the above sentiments.
  4. Father’s Day Shirt Card
    A new shirt or tie is so ho-hum, unless it’s handmade by little fingers. For an extra splash, add a tie and hanky, pocket, bow tie or use wrapping paper for a patterned shirt.
  5. Pop-Up Card
    Take children to the craft store and let their creative juices flow as they construct a three-dimensional card illustrating how much they love Dad or Grandpa.
  6. Paint Chips “Why we Love Dad” Card 
    Take children to a home improvement store and have them pick paint chips in Dad’s favorite colors. This colorful card will be prominently displayed at his office for years to come.
  7. Father’s Day Coupons
    Doing favors for Dad is always fun, especially when your child compiles the favors in a coupon book. From taking out the trash to washing the car, Dad will appreciate every one.
  8. Bow-Tie Father’s Day Card
    Take the accordion-flower technique and teach your child how to create a colorful bow-tie for a sweet dad’s day card.
  9. iDad Card
    For the tech-savvy Dad, this adorable card can feature Dad-inspired “apps.”
  10. Finger Paint Card
    Perfect for little fingers, Dad will love this handmade token.
  11. Personalized Map Card
    Create a personalized map using Dad’s favorite city or vacation spot. Walk down memory lane and include sights and events that took place.
  12. Father’s Day Button Card
    Great for motor-skills, this card is a fun way to encourage your child’s creative imagination.
  13. Why I Love My Daddy Card
    This is a great idea for kids who aren’t up to writing yet. They come up with the sentiments, while an adult uses a computer to assemble the card.
  14. Father’s Day Scratch-Off Card 
    Let Dad win the lottery of your love this Father’s Day!
  15. Daddy’s Goodie Bag Card
    Decorate a brown paper bag with Father’s Day sentiments and then fill it with his favorite snacks for a picnic.
  16. Happy Father’s Day Hand Print Tree
    Make this a tradition: As children grow, this card is a fun way for Dad to see year-to-year development and growth.
  17. Father’s Day LOL Tie Card
    A fill-in-the-blanks card on a cutout tie is a sure-fire way to get laughs from Dad and your family.
  18. Scratch Art Card
    Teach kids how to make scratch art with this easy craft.
  19. A Pocketful of Love
    Easy-to-make for school-aged children, this take on Dad’s ubiquitous pocket will delight the man of the day!
  20. Dad’s Day Origami Card
    Shirt cards are always a hit, but origami will give this old standby dimension and texture.

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