24 Ways Children’s Ministry Benefits The Church


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24 Ways Children’s Ministry Benefits The Church

  1. It helps the church to pass on the faith. In every period of church history, this has been a struggle. Children’s ministry can help the church be intentional about telling the next generation.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Work with your pastor to develop a comprehensive plan for Christian education. These are sometimes called a scope and sequence when you’re talking about Sunday school curriculum. Most publishers have a copy of their’s in the front of the teachers guide.
  2. It helps bring in new families to the church. It is becoming more difficult to identify and reach 20-somthings who are prospects for evangelism.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Understand the ministry’s role in opening doors to this demographic and make it a goal for every program.
  3. It allows the church body to us their talents and spiritual gifts. Releasing the ministry potential of lay people is often a key for church growth.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: ring first time church volunteers into the ministry. Train them, encourage them and watch God work through them.
  4. It helps train future church leaders. We should expect kids who grow up in our ministries to become leaders in the church and in the world.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Involve kids in ministry opportunities. Include children in other church ministries as often as possible.
  5. It provides accidental learning for ministry volunteers. Sometimes our grown-ups learn as much as the kids.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Encourage the adults to make learning one reason they serve in the ministry.
  6. It raises community awareness of the church through special events. When our church launched Upward Soccer, it was the talk of the town. It put our church’s best foot forward and brought many first time visitors into our services.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Understanding our events can create positive buzz for the church as a whole.
  7. It helps big church go smoothly. Quality childcare is essential to allow parents to participate fully in the church worship service. While our ministry is much more than childcare, this is a clear benefit to the church.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Provide excellent care to help parents get the most out of church.
  8. It helps build a strong youth ministry. We should expect children who grew up in our ministry to become leaders in the student ministry.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Work closely with the Youth Ministry toward common goals and a comprehensive discipleship plan.
  9. Having children present helps the pastor to keep the Gospel simple. Your preacher will benefit from preaching to kids. It forces them to rethink their vocabulary and provide adequate explanation of spiritual concepts.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Provide regular occasions when children are present for the sermon.
  10. Having children present brings joy to the whole congregation. Kids are a blessing from the Lord, and their company will liven up any fellowship.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Involve the little ones in the life of the church, especially for a portion of the worship service.
  11. Having children present reminds the congregation that all people were made in God’s image. The innocence and creativity of kids reminds us all that people were created to be holy and happy.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Have children perform music specials or pray in front of the congregation.
  12. Having children present gives adults some real life examples of childlike faith.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Tell stories about kids and their natural trust in God. This will be an encouragement to believers of all ages.
  13. Having children present helps the church learn to accommodate different music styles. Too many times selfishness is the cause of the ‘worship wars.’ But many times the church will accommodate a special child friendly song. This is one step toward diversity in musical styles.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Help the music leaders select songs the children can enjoy.
  14. Having children present gives a sense of excitement and hope about the future. Few things point us to the future like being around children.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Cast a vision for how God might bless the coming generation.
  15. It brings joy for the church to see children grow through the years. Everyone loves to see the little ones growing up. Children’s ministry helps make that happen when we keep the kids in front of the congregation.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Use bulletin board space to chronicle their growth through school pictures of Sunday school class photos.
  16. It provides senior adults with the opportunity to be spiritual-grandparents. There are great blessings for everyone when the elderly spend time with the young.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Plan special events or establish a spiritual-grandparent program.
  17. It provides ways for churches to cooperate with one another.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Consider planning cooperative programs such as Upward Basketball or Vacation Bible School with like minded churches in your town.
  18. Volunteers benefit from additional fellowship among one another. Working together on a ministry program helps people make lasting friendships.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Make fellowship a key component of your ministry workers meetings. Encourage volunteers to stay together over multiple years of service.
  19. Volunteers receive formal training and additional pastoral oversight. The training sessions you provide can be a great form of continuing Christian education for adults.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Invent time and energy in our training meetings. Make them worth coming to; don’t waste people’s time.
  20. It provides a context for women to use their teaching gifts and leadership. In many denominations, the position of senior pastor is limited to qualified men approved by the church. But everyone can agree that God gifts and uses women to teach in a variety of other settings, especially children’s ministry.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Encourage all our volunteers (including women) to fully develop their teaching skills.
  21. It allows artistic people to share their talents. Children’s ministry crafts is one area that can greatly benefit from these abilities.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Encourage our craft volunteers to pick an occasional advanced project. Honor the faithful women who serve with little recognition in the children’s ministry.
  22. It allows musically gifted people to share their talents. It takes a great deal of patience and charisma to lead children to worship God through music.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Look for the talented people God has sent your congregation for just this purpose.
  23. It allows talented cooks to share their gifts. Don’t forget that baking and cooking are valuable talents that God can use for ministry.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Plan special birthday cakes for children in Sunday school.
  24. It helps reform families and the church. When a church is struggling to recover its theological and spiritual heritage, often the education department can take a leading role.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Provide quality resources for families such as worship guides for family devotions and catechisms.


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