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29 Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make


29 Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make


Anyone can buy a tie and call it a Father’s Day gift, but this year, why not use the occasion as an opportunity for your kids to stretch their creative muscles, create a one-of-a-kind gift and build self-esteem in the process?

Here are 29 great craft ideas to get you started. They are for a mix of all age groups and are great ways to say “I love you, Dad!”

These are perfect activities for kids to do with their nanny or babysitter too, in the days leading up to Father’s Day. So print out multiple copies of the directions and have plenty of craft supplies on hand.

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  1. Dad, You’re Out of This World Spaceship Craft
    Toddlers will enjoy making this special gift using colorful paper plates, sequins and glue. Make sure you have safety scissors on hand for cutting and consider picking up multiple tubes of colored glue for extra creative, rainbow fun.
  2. Father’s Day Wreath 
    You’ll need to cut up an old, tailored shirt for this project, plus construct a colorful fabric bowtie. Pop this distinctive wreath on the door as a welcome home for Father’s Day, dad’s birthday or any special, coming-home occasion.
  3. Bicycle Brake Disc Clock
    The perfect clock to grace Dad’s garage, office or man cave, you won’t believe how easy the step-by-step instructions for this craft are. Kids of any age can become clock-makers, but small children will need help with measuring and gluing.
  4. Tie Key Chain 
    An elegant, easy craft that requires nothing more than an old tie, scissors, glue and a key ring.
  5. Dinosaur Planter
    Turn an old dinosaur toy into a home for a plant, with this easy idea. Perfect addition to any dad’s desk.
  6. Awesome Homemade Bookmarks with Tassels 
    Adorable bookmarks featuring photos of family members are almost too special to hide within the pages of a book, but Dad will love the surprise of seeing his kid’s faces, every time he opens his favorite read.
  7. Nuts About Daddy Cashew Treat 
    This is a super-easy gift idea that needs nothing more than twine, a printer and a jar of cashews. Substitute Dad’s favorite snacking nut or combine flavors like almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries or raisins in a striped design.
  8. Remote Control Cookies 
    Simple to make and delicious to eat, these TV remote control cookies look like the real thing. Dad won’t know if he should use them to change the channel or dunk them in milk.
  9. Mustache Mug 
    Adorable and easy to make, this is a functional and funny gift for any dad, mustachioed or not. Make sure you use an oven-safe mug.
  10. Golf Cover Sock Puppet Buddies 
    Sporting a golf-or-go-home sentiment, plus some adorable googly eyes, this is the perfect gift for any dad, uncle or granddad that can’t get enough of the links.
  11. Sculpey Clay Pens 
    Sure to give Dad a smile at the office, these pens, which require low-temperature oven baking, are creative, distinctive and fun to make.
  12. Dad Rocks Salt Dough Paperweight 
    A wonderful last-minute craft that kids will really enjoy making, this paperweight requires supplies you most likely have on hand, like salt, flour and water. Send the kids outside to find interesting pebbles to decorate the paperweight with or, try substituting colorful, glass marbles.
  13. Father’s Day Candy Bouquet 
    This easy-to-make candy bouquet is perfect for any dad who has a sweet tooth — no vase required! Turn this craft into a math lesson by letting kids pick out and pay for the candies they use to make the bouquet.
  14. Monogram Mug 
    Inexpensive, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe, these monogrammed mugs are functional, distinctive and personal. Put dad’s initial on the mug or any other phrase you choose and fill it with his favorite treat, like caramels, peppermints or an assortment of tea bags.
  15. DIY Dad Shirt 
    Easy as pie (or pancakes), this DIY project only requires iron-on letters and a loving sentiment to become dad’s favorite shirt.
  16. Father’s Day Trophy 
    These trophies are too cute and are great for kids of every age to make. You can personalize it with whatever craft items you have laying around.
  17. ” I Love You Because…” Picture Frame 
    This adorable keepsake will tug at any dad’s heartstrings. Just add heartfelt photos and mementos for a special gift.
  18. Custom Cuff Links 
    Use Shrinky Dink paper and blank cuff links to create a customized look for Dad. Use family photos or choose pictures of his favorite hobby or profession to create a unique look.
  19. Picture Puzzle 
    Try this fun take on a puzzle with this easy Popsicle stick craft. It’s also a fun activity for kids to do with Dad on Father’s Day.
  20. Graphic Tie Shirt
    This idea is great for younger, stylish dads. And it’s easy for very young kids to make. All you need is a t-shirt, tape and pen.
  21. Monogrammed Painted Hammer 
    This practical craft can be tailored to your child’s age. Younger kids can finger paint the hammer or use markers to decorate it. Older kids can become creative with more complicated design work. Patience is required for drying time, supplying a great lesson for preschoolers.
  22. Candy Bar Letter 
    Kids will enjoy making this hilarious gift just as much as Dad will enjoy receiving it. This is a fun gift for siblings to design and create together.
  23. Lego Cufflinks
    Use Legos, Scrabble tiles or any other distinctive, daddy-cool collectible you can think of to create this one-of-a-kind, wearable-art.
  24. Father’s Day Car Kit 
    Give Dad a personalized kit of items he can really use on the road, from flashlights to band aids. Iron-on downloaded appliques are all that’s required to create this one-of-a-kind, functional gift.
  25. Dad, You’re a Cut Above the Rest Shaving Kit 
    A free craft that relies on a downloaded printables, this shaving kit reminds Dad of your feelings for him every time he shaves.
  26. Superhero Comic Book Coasters 
    Wondering what to do with those old comic books? Consider using them to make these great coasters for Father’s Day. This unique craft project will require Mod Podge and a well-worth-it trip to the hardware store.
  27. Daddy: A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love Plaque
    This sentimental, print-out plaque requires a 2×10 wooden board, wood stain, furniture tacks and a hammer. It’s a great project for teens and tweens or, for younger kids with adult supervision.
  28. Easy Fleece iPad Cozy
    Cutting and sewing make this versatile craft project a perfect opportunity for kids to work on their fine motor skills. Pick up some fleece (or other cushy fabric) in Dad’s favorite color to sew this iPad cover. It will not only create a distinctive look, but also safeguard his favorite toy from damage.
  29. Father’s Day Tie
    If an actual tie it must be, go for a homemade beauty like the ones featured in this DIY craft, perfect for those experienced in stitchery or for fledgling sewers with adult supervision.

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