8 Ways Children’s Ministry Benefits Everyone


8 Ways Children’s Ministry Benefits Everyone

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  1. It is good for public schools. Kids who learn self-control and respect for authority are a blessing in any classroom.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Teach kids that God expects these character traits from his followers. Explain how the “fruits of the spirit” relate to the way they behave at school.
  2. It is good for homeschoolers. Children’s ministry provides another social outlet and opportunities to experience learning in a large group.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Be aware of homeschoolers and work to make them feel welcome.
  3. Mission project actually do good to others. When kids plan and do ministry projects these can be powerful acts of mercy.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Plan projects that relieve real suffering. These may be harder, but they are worth the extra effort.
  4. Good for society. Children who understand God’s moral law and how to love their neighbors will make the world a better place.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Teach the children how obeying God and loving their neighbors will make the world a better place.
  5. It is good for the christian movie industry. Christian booksellers have created a demand for family friendly cinema. Veggie Tales did change the video industry for the better and you should not underestimate the role of children’s ministry in spreading an interest in these type videos.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Occasionally promote a quality movie (or video series). Consider a church family outing to see it together.
  6. It is good for kids book publishing industry. Children’s story Bibles and similar resources were created because parents (and churches) were looking for this type of material.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Make these resources available to parents in your ministry. Occasionally teach from a story Bible and recommend it for families to use at home.
  7. It is good for their future spouses. Children who learn to love their neighbors and follow Jesus in all of life will be ready for marriages that last a lifetime. These values must begin when to be learned early in life.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Don’t skip the commandments about adultery. Tell children that marriage is important to God and it’s for your whole life.
  8. It is good for their future employers. Hard work and self-control are virtues that the Bible assumes all Christians will demonstrate. Children’s ministry helps produce adults who love Jesus and follow his Word.
    — Children’s Ministry Tip: Share stories of church member who have reputations for being hard working. Explain that our work glorifies God when we do our best.


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