Free VBS Curriculum for the Last Minute Leader


Are you the VBS “Last Minute Leader”? 

Most people who are leaders do more than one thing at a time, making their lives hectic and in need of help.  They are also the people that get things done.  If you are one of these “Last Minute Leaders” and you are leading VBS this summer, we’ve got help for you.  

Thanks to the Ministry-to-Children blog, there is a free, downloadable VBS theme for you to use.  Read more.

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Of course, we recommend you begin with CallingPost to make your communication easy for your VBS week.  With our customer service department making setup incredibly easy, you will have more time to take care of everything else.  Get started by signing up for our free trial and see our ultimate CallingPost VBS guide coming out soon (we’re putting the final touches on it now).

Download and print off this free Vacation Bible School curriculum to use in your ministry. Bible Boot Camp “The Armor of God” is a VBS theme based on Ephesians 6:11-18. The links below contain all the lesson plans, craft ideas, and directions you need. Just download the following three PDF files to get started.


Download this Free VBS Material

More Suggestions & Resources

For more help be sure to check out our tips for planning VBS, gathering VBS crafts, or somegame ideas for VBS.

Tara has sent us a second free VBS program. The new one is a Fruit of the Spirit VBS. Follow that link to download this free material now.

After you download the curriculum you will see a notice about not making copies without written permission. The curriculum creator has granted permission for you to use this in your local church ministry. So, copies in that context are allowed. 

One of our readers, Tara Merrill, wanted to share this vacation bible school material. I was really impressed when she sent me the files. I could tell right away that put her heart into writing this curriculum. Here is how she described it in a comment on our site. Be sure to leave a message at the bottom of this page to let her know you appreciate her efforts.

I am 22 years old trying to follow God’s call in my life. I believe He is leading me to write low-cost, Scripture-driven VBS programs. By His grace and will, I wrote one this summer centering on the armor of God passage found in Ephesians 6:11-18. It is a full program and can be adapted for any church size, as long as people are willing to volunteer. I provide craft and snack ideas, but do not include the actual materials as I believe it is cheaper to purchase the necessary items in one’s own hometown. I also provide drama scripts and dialog to help guide the leaders.

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