How About A Family Reunion Website?

What should you have on your family reunion website?

Planning Notifications
Make sure you use the notifications on your group website to provide updates on the planning process of the family reunion. Regular updates on what has been accomplished and what needs to be done will keep your family reunion attendees engaged in the conversation.

Registration Information
If you want to save a ton of time, then post all registration information online. Instead of emailing each family reunion attendee individually, everyone can have access when they need it. Posting registration details online will save you from answering dozens of phone calls requesting the same information.

Committee Information
There should be a page on the family reunion website that lists the names and contact information of all the committee members. Having this information on the website will prevent confusion about who’s doing what.


Hotel Information
Make sure to get group hotel rates early on in the planning process. Family reunions tend to take up more than 10 rooms at a time and qualify for group rates at hotels. In securing a block of hotel rooms, your family reunion will save money and will also enjoy perks like free hotel rooms, a hospitality suite, and free breakfast. Post hotel details, directions, and until the number to make reservations. You can even put in the address to add a map to the page so folks can get directions easily.

Activities And Games
Use the Events Calendar to list all the activities and games have been planned for both adults and kids. This is also the place to list any entertainment like clowns and magic shows for kids. Entertainment, such as Broadway shows, and information on how to reserve tickets should also be mentioned.

If you’re creating a family reunion newsletter, you can upload those documents or post a link to the website. It’s a great way to bring everybody up to date on the latest family developments

Family History
Almost every family reunion website needs a section on family history. Make sure to research yours and then post in as much detail as possible a chronological history. You can post different articles written by other family members, or scan old newspapers and post them on the website as well. Often, family history is the most read portion of the website so make sure to make it great.

Family Tree
Many family reunion websites will have a family tree that shows the various connections between the entire family. It makes a great visual for kids and help them better understand their relationship to other members of the family.

Family Album
Photos delight everyone so make sure to post as many as you can on your family reunion website. Create albums for each tree of the family so it’s easier to follow and track.

Family Announcements
Every family has at least one member that can write well. Ask this person to volunteer as a writer for the family reunion announcements area. At this person update the latest family information, accomplishments, awards and any other miscellaneous family related items. It can also serve as a great way to make announcements pre-and post-family reunion.

Fun stuff
Ideally, you want a page where you can post information that shows off how unique your family is. A family cookbook with recipes is something that we posted on the website to show off our diverse talents. Other ideas include placing links to various family member websites, businesses, and charitable organizations that were near and dear to our hearts.

The CallingPost group site can allow you to accept funds through PayPal and you can set a page to stress the importance of raising funds. Use this page to update the family about the latest fundraisers, directions to events, monies raised and how much is still needed.

Who’s Coming
As people register for the family reunion, update a page with a list of who’s coming. As more people commit to coming, it will influence those that are still on the fence about attending the family reunion.

Contact Us
Make sure to have a contact us page so family members know who to contact with any questions that you may not have answered. As you get these questions, make a list of frequently asked questions and post it online so you can avoid having to answer the same questions again.

Don’t know if you can create your own website?

Nowadays, a family reunion website is an absolute necessity for any reunion. Creating one used to require programming knowledge but that is not the case anymore. There are several websites that are dedicated to helping you create an incredibly useful family reunion website with great design and functionality.

CallingPost can do this. For around $7.99 per month, you can create a beautiful family reunion website where you can take donations, payments, list announcements, chat, and much more. You can make group calls, texts, set up a phone exchange and more.  For more information, CLICK HERE.

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