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We hope you will use our blog to help your VBS planning.  With our customer service department making setup incredibly easy, you will have more time to take care of everything else.  We hope you will get started by signing up for our free trial and see our ultimate CallingPost VBS guide coming out soon.

Thanks to Ministry-to-Children and their comprehensive VBS resource page, there is a ton of good content out there to make sure you plan your VBS effectively this summer.

In addition, Pinterest has become a great resource for VBS Food Ideas (Click HERE)


For Everything Else, See this great list with links for all of your VBS needs:

Choosing Curriculum

·         Read our how-to article about choosing a Bible School Theme

·         Consider our free Fruit of the Spirit VBS and an Armor of God VBS materials

·         How to find Spanish Language and KJV curriculum for VBS

·         Tips for creating your own VBS curriculum

General Planning Help

·         Print out this 9 step plan for organizing a VBS

·         Consider working with other churches in a community VBS

·         Listen to our podcast with VBS planning tips

·         Considering day versus night schedule

·         10 Tips for VBS Directors

·         Read about a church that was sued because of a VBS injury

VBS Promotion & Outreach

·         4 ways to promote your Vacation Bible School

·         Printable VBS invitation flyer for kids

VBS Budgeting

·         Read our guide for doing VBS on a small budget

Finding & Training Volunteers

·         How to find volunteers for VBS

·         Our post about training Teen VBS volunteers

·         Don’t forget spiritual preparation

Rotation Specific Help

·         Vacation Bible School Pledges for Opening Assembly- American Flag | Christian Flag |Bible Pledge

·         VBS games on a budget

·         8 VBS Game Ideas for Preschoolers

·         Tips for Bible School Crafts

·         Vacation Bible School Decorations?

·         High Energy game ideas for VBS

VBS Follow Up

·         sample VBS follow-up letter

·         4 essential tasks for after VBS

·         more follow-up advice

·         Printable forms for VBS evaluation

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