Tommy and his wife Brittney, have 3 young, beautiful children & live in Augusta GA (the home of CallingPost!).  Tommy and his wife are both active and Tommy played soccer his whole life growing up – so now, being a coach for children is something he has been waiting to do for some time.  Tommy has also used CallingPost for his church and has been a great customer through the years.  Now that he’s coaching soccer, he wanted to give CallingPost a try and has offered to share his experience.

With game times, practice schedules, work schedules and family life, Tommy’s personal time was essential and organization became a priority.  Snacks after the games had to be considered and awards for playing were also a part of the commitment by Tommy.

Because Tommy wanted to continue growing his team as his children became older, he decided to use one of the websites that CallingPost offers.  The features allowed parents to sign up for events that would come up, such as snacks and drivers to away game, became a great tool for his current teams.  It also gave future parents a website to see Tommy as a father, husband and coach for other kids wanting to be on his team.

Tommy found that by sending approximately 4 messages a week (which could include another occasionally due to cancelled practice because of weather conditions) that he was able to reach all 30 parents by only placing only 1 phone call to the CallingPost system.  That meant that he would have had to dial and speak to over 120 people every week to meet the team needs.  And due to saved time, he was able to focus on the things that mattered most….families, children and community.

Thank you to Tommy for sharing your story with CallingPost.

Do you have stories and experience you’d like to share?  Let us know in the comments below!

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