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Being the “ideal” coach isn’t always easy. Players, parents, and fans alike often have differing options about the decisions you should and shouldn’t take, making finding the fine line between pleasing everyone and doing what’s best for your team difficult at times. Making sure to manage your time efficiently can set you apart from the pack and transform you into the coach every parent wants for their child.

Upward Sports, a Christian Sports league that operates in 46 different states and 70 countries worldwide, listed some of the attributes of their ideal coach.:

-Value long-term development over short-term gains

-Greets each player by name when arriving to practice and games

-Genuinely affirms, encourages, and celebrates an athlete and team’s success/growth

-Are organized, focused, and engaging

-Trained and knowledgeable as to properly teach game rules, concepts, and strategies

-Are role models for his/her athletes by putting the gospel on display in ALL interactions

-Help athletes understand their life’s purpose within the bigger picture of God’s vision

-Act as a catalyst in the development of healthy friendships among teammates

-Teach sportsmanship while also instilling a competitive spirit

-Communicate well with parents

(Check out the rest of the Upward Sports’ blog here).

While coaching can require some tough decisions, openly communicating with players and parents is key to a successful coaching style. No matter the sport, many parents are engaged and involved in their child’s performance and want to see them perform to the best of their ability. Staying in constant contact with your team (and by team we mean players, parents, and fans) can make managing a team a whole lot simpler.

However, as a coach, you have a lot on your hands, and keeping open lines of communication and staying available isn’t always easy (or realistic).

That’s why we created a package just for coaches. We understand how difficult but essential it is to manage your time and communicate with your team. Our package includes PBX, which allows you to set up your own unique phone number with multiple extensions, website creation and design, and several easy ways to manage your team and communicate via email, text, and phone call (even schedule your texts and calls).

Our basketball package is great for this time of year – but don’t worry, CallingPost works for any sport, any time of year, for any budget.

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