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From time to time I share a few of the best tips for churches that I find from communications blogs I subscribe to. I’ve chosen some tips I think that willreally add value for your day-to-day work at your church.


Here are nine really insightful tips that will help you in your church communications (there are 46 from earlier post at the bottom too):

1. Snapchat is the new black. Jump on in

Remember when everyone was jumping on Instagram and Pinterest for the first time? Well Snapchat is the new black. Here is a great article that makes the case for why your church should be on snapchat. Read more here. 

2. How to rebrand a ministry the right way

Every church communications person I know have been through this experience. Darrel shares some great ideas here on how to brand your ministry. Listen to Darrel’s podcast here. I’ve also written about branding for churches. Here is my whole library of posts.

3. It’s all about the why

You’ll need to sign up for this one (it’s free) and it’s well worth a watch. See ithere. It’s seriously great. Why? Because Kem Meyer is speaking. I don’t need to say any more.

4. Your website is the front porch to your church. How good is it?

I host a weekly Twitter chat called #cmschat for Church Marketing Sucks. It is especially for those of you who want to improve your church communications (and it’s free with experts in the trenches). Here is a recent #cmschat where a I gathered a few experts to talk about how to improve your church website. The replay is well worth a watch here.  

5. How to communicate authentically and reach more people through Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the best opportunity currently to reach more people and create more impact on social media. Find out some of the best and practical tips here on how to get the most out of it. Read more here.

6. How to leverage SEO to reach more people online

SEO is one of the most underrated ways of helping your church reach people in the digital search space. Read more here on some of the best practices your church can implement to reach more people and get higher in those golden search results.

7. How to make boring subject matter interesting

Ever feel uninspired when writing on a subject that doesn’t interest you.That never happens in church world does it?  Learn how to make even the most mundane sound interesting.  Read more here.

8. Get a social media strategy (Yes for small churches too)

Brady shares some excellent pointers that will improve your social media strategy. Even smaller churches with fewer resources will get so much out of this very extensive post. Read more here.

9. It’s not just social. Think digital.

I’ve said time and time again when you think about your church website and social media you have to think about the whole digital journey. It also includes offline too. I wrote a free e-book especially for church leaders and communication pros who want to increase their reach, impact and effectiveness on digital. It is a simple step by step strategy that will take your digital strategy to a new level. Read more here.

If you want more tips there are 46 more tips and ideas that will improve your church communications here.


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