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Did you see our last Blog Post about what a PBX is?

If not, CLICK HERE and see what a PBX is…..we’ll be here when you come back, no worries……

At CallingPost, we have a great client care team and one of their own: TJ, (see below) has made several sample PBX lines for everyone to hear how a PBX line can work for you.  All the numbers are toll free, so please call and hear TJ’s great work.

Need help with your PBX?  Guess what? TJ will set one up for you!

To hear a Church Group, call: 855-853-2250

How about a Coach’s Sample PBX?  Call: 855-497-0150

Organizing a Fundraisier? Here’s a sample PBX for one: 844-622-8183

Neighborhood Association?  This is what CallingPost’s PBX can do for you:  844-435-5203

How about a school?  Call: 855-233-8740

Thanks TJ for helping everyone hear what a PBX line can do for you.  You can reach TJ, or any of our great client care team at (844)-635-7678 or click Contact Us

Here’s to you, TJ!

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