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Are you a Coach looking to get organized this season?

How would you like to have a phone number just for your team?

What if that meant you could keep your personal number private?  

Now….What if I told you assistant coaches & volunteers could also be reached at the same number?

A PBX is a phone system setup that does all of that for you.  Get a unique phone number & a phone attendant. Forward calls to multiple numbers (your phone, assistant coaches, team moms, anyone you want!).  Have your team call in to check on rain-outs, schedule changes or just have people call in and hear updates……and you already have it with your CallingPost account.

Want to hear how it works?

Call (toll free) 855-497-0150 to hear a sample Coach PBX and get ideas how it can work for you.

Then, if you’re ready to have your own, give it a try and tell us what you think (we’ll even set it up for you).

Try CallingPost for Free (click here)

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