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When we think of team sports, generally we think of the players or even the coaches. CallingPost provides the perfect software to coaches that works for players to keep everyone in the loop at all time, while keeping the coach organized. CallingPost, however, is equally valuable to team parents, who do much of the behind-the-scenes work for the team.

For Susan of Evans, Georgia, having a reliable, efficient software for her son who swims competitively is essential. Not only is Susan involved actively on her son’s swim team, but she is also a qualified official and officiates at most meets in which her son competes. She also volunteers to chaperone away meets for the team and helps organize various events.

Susan says:

As a swim mom it is really important to have a website with all the information I need to make timely informed decisions.  These decisions are often based on times my swimmer needs to improve on to qualify for higher level meets. A swim team website that is effective and efficient will have coaches contact information, other parents contact information, swimmer’s times, qualifying times and meets to strive for.  Also important is a way to sign up for events at meets and parent volunteer slots.  A well laid out website will be laid out in a manner that is easy to use and easy to find what you need to.  If it has the ability to send out automated emails or text alerts for pool closings or approaching deadlines for meet sign ups, that is also a desirable feature! 

CallingPost gives coaches and parents the ability to communicate through various channels in a simple, easy manner. Click here to get started with CallingPost for your team today

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