CallingPost began as a solution to a very common problem. CallingPost was founded by Coach Phil, a soccer coach for his sons youth soccer team. He loved teaching the kids and making them happy, but there was an aspect of volunteering that he did not like; the constant phone calls that were needed to make sure everyone on the team knew about practices, schedules, rain delays, parties and more.

Phil found himself spending more time on the phone than he did actually coaching! Thus CallingPost was born. CallingPost allowed Coach Phil to reach his entire group instantly in a personal and audible way in only a matter of seconds. He shared his tool with other coaches and they loved it! Soon, leaders from all kinds of organizations like churches and schools were asking to use it!

Since that point CallingPost has been amplifying the voice of the few to the many and making our world a better place. We have been copied but never duplicated because our true passion is you, our customers. Register now for a free trial and see what CallingPost can do for you!

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