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If not, you’re missing some great opportunities to save money using CallingPost! 

Signing up is easy! Just click on the menu at the top right hand corner, go to the Rewards Center, then click ENROLL NOW.  Here’s how you can earn points and save:


Use our handy tool to send an email to your friends from our rewards center. Once they sign up and make their first purchase you will earn 4,000 points. Here’s what 4,000 points buy you: A LOT.   4,000 points gives you $50 off your next purchase.


Just by sending a communication once per week will earn you 25 points. You will earn these points once per week. That is a total of 100 points per month and 1,200 per year just for doing what you already do. You can use them to send up to 120 free messages per year!


Logging into your CallingPost account will earn you 25 points. You will earn these points once per week. Translation: you can send 10  free messages a week.  Nice, right?


Pay As You Go accounts can earn 100 points for upgrading to a monthly unlimited plan. You can earn this reward once. Then your savings are only going to get bigger!  Check the benefits of converting to a monthly plan.


Sharing CallingPost on your Facebook page will earn you 100 points. We’re happy to offer you this reward once a month!


Visit the Rewards Center to review and rate CallingPost. You’ll earn 50 points for your review. You can earn this reward once.

For example, churches who use our church messaging service in their first year could receive:

•  1,200 points for logging in once per week
•  1,200 points for sending a message once per week
•  1,200 points for sharing CallingPost on Facebook once per month
•  50 points for reviewing CallingPost
•  100 points for upgrading to a monthly plan
•  4,000 points for referring 1 friend

7,750 points = $90 off annually

Once you are ready to redeem your points, simply click on the reward you wish to redeem. You can redeem:

  • 500 points for $5 off
  • 1,000 points for $10 off
  • 1,500 points for $15 off
  • 2,000 points for $25 off

Once you have redeemed your points your discount will automatically be added to your next bill. Rewards work with BOTH Pay As You Go and Monthly Unlimited plans and there is no limit to the amount of points that you can earn.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to log into your account and enroll for free now by clicking the Rewards tab.

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