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If you’ve ever had cause to stand next to a busy highway with cars and large trucks rocketing by, you know it’s a dangerous place that can quickly get you in trouble. The information super highway moves even faster and can present very real dangers as well.

Here are a few of the dangers to watch out for and ways to avoid being harmed by them.

Sick computers. Viruses and malware can reach your computers in sneaky ways through the internet, which can cause irreparable harm to your computer, tablet or even smart phone. With so many people connecting in public places, the danger lurks everywhere. A strong anti-virus program that is updated frequently will greatly reduce the threat.

Kidnapped. A growing threat is hackers who gain access to your computer through the internet and lock it down so you can’t access it unless you pay a ransom. This doesn’t just happen to millionaires; increasingly people from all walks of life and income levels are being attacked. Stay away from suspicious websites, don’t open emails from people you don’t know and backup your key data on a regular basis (cloud storage is recommended).

Addictions. Pornography addictions have increased dramatically since the advent of the internet – and it’s no longer just affecting men. Women accessing porn and erotica sites have increased dramatically in the past few years. There are also plenty of sites allowing people to gamble, feeding those addictions. If this is an issue, you can download software that locks out those types of sites. You can also give access to all your computer logs to an accountability partner to keep you on the right path.

Social media. This is a great way to socialize, but it has also become an addiction for many. It may seem harmless, but many hours can be wasted on it, taking time away from family and productive activities. Create limits (set an alarm if you have to) to how long you’ll be on Facebook or other sites. Schedule actual face-to-face time with family and friends.

Information overload. Just because you can know everything that’s going on in the world and how everything works doesn’t mean you have to. All of this access can create short attention spans, anxiety and even depression. Pick a few trusted sites from which to obtain news and other information. Like with social media, limit the amount of time you spend there.

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