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Anyone who’s ever played a team sport, had a child on a team or coached a team knows that communication can be the “most valuable player” for the team’s success. Whether it’s coordinating team practices, cancelling the game because of inclement weather, or organizing snacks between the team moms, it takes a lot of effort to communicate all the messages that need to be relayed so that everyone stays informed.

There have been many cases where CallingPost has helped alleviate these communication struggles. One parent and coach wrote about how CallingPost impacted her.

“I have been using your system for over 3 years now. I can’t believe anyone would sit down for hours making phone calls to their team or organization. I have used this with my husband’s softball team, I told my son’s baseball team about it, and they now use it. My daughter’s cheerleading team uses it and I coach high school volleyball and I use it for that. There have been so many times when a game time or location has been changed, (or I needed information about) directions to a park, uniform color, or rain outs, etc., and all I had to do was pick up the phone, make one call and all was taken care of.”

This example paints a perfect picture of how CallingPost can be used in all types of sports scenarios. Many coaches work full-time jobs and end up spending much of their free time dealing with team communications. With CallingPost, this communication can be done in a fraction of the time and without the headaches.

Could you or another coach you know benefit from CallingPost?

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