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Problems in communication between church ministry teams and church members often occur not because there is too little communication, but because the avenue of communication is not effective.

We have a child involved in the church youth group that meets once a week. One day we found a sign-up sheet for the annual winter retreat on the floorboard of our messy minivan – but the deadline had passed three weeks before. Many parents have been there. Unfortunately, little Joe Jr. will have to miss the retreat once again because the list didn’t get from the youth leaders to us.

Some church ministry teams are trying to capitalize on the digital age of communication and send event announcements through social media. This may appeal to the younger generations, but a significant portion of the church population doesn’t follow the church’s social platforms. So another attempt to communicate becomes unsuccessful.

But what if there was a solution to these problems? What if, instead of hoping your sign-up sheet gets into the right hands, or relying on your church members following you on Facebook, there was a way to guarantee that the right members heard your message at the right time?

With CallingPost, that solution becomes possible. Parents can sign up to receive group texting, emailing or calling communications from Joe Jr.’s youth group. With the click of a button, the church staff can send a mass text or voice message to every parent in the group. Best of all, information is received by the right people. And our kids won’t have to miss out on so many winter retreats.

Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be with CallingPost. 

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