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Looking for suggestions to growing your small business, but don’t want to lose an arm and a leg? Here are some great tips to build up your business, thanks to CallingPost!

Maintain a Professional Website

While a Facebook page or WordPress blog site might be a great place to start, crafting a professional website is the easiest way to upgrade your marketing. Going toe to toe with larger businesses can be hard, but with a professional website, you can win. In the digital age, a great website can convince window shopping customers to give your business a shot.

Communicate through Calendars

Giving your customer an organized, up-to-date breakdown of your next moves can help harness their support in future events. Building calendars that your customers and employees can view gives you better estimates of attendance, and can help you plan events with ease (For more help with Event Planning, check this out).

Personalize Your Phone Assistant

By creating a virtual phone assistant, you can ensure that any and all calls will be sent to the right location, with no hassle. Not only does this free you from answering phone calls that might not be directed at you, it sends your business’ incoming calls directly to the person it’s intended for. With a virtual phone assistant, you have more time for work and you’ll spend less time forwarding or receiving misdials.

Track Customer Analytics

You don’t have to be Google to take advantage of Customer Analytics anymore. Now even small businesses can start to keep track of information about their customers to craft better advertisements, find locations that are close to your customers, and make informed decisions. 

Use CallingPost

Not only does CallingPost include all of the above features, but it also allows you to create personalized messages, automated phone calls, and mass messaging to help you form lasting bonds with your customers. For as low as $7.99 a month, CallingPost can provide you with the tools of the larger businesses without having to hire the team of experts you would need otherwise.

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