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Within a church there are many groups that need to connect with their volunteers and staff. Using CallingPost to send the messages that will keep everyone informed and on track will greatly enhance not only the communication between leaders and their volunteers but also save time and money. Here are just a few of the ways churches use CallingPost to keep everyone on the same page.

Whole Congregation

  • Remind members of church-wide events for holidays such as Easter and Christmas
  • Announce major outreach events such as Rummage Sales, Block Parties and Fall Festivals
  • Notify members of special prayer requests
  • Inform members of church service cancellations due to weather or other circumstances

Men’s and Women’s Ministry

  • Reminders about Bible study dates and times
  • Inform members regarding schedules for Conferences and Retreats
  • Request for volunteer needs and opportunities

Nursery and Children’s Ministry

  • Remind volunteers of service dates and times
  • Request volunteers for special events
  • Thank volunteers who served each week

Youth Group     

  • Remind parents and students about events
  • Inform parents about late arrival or departure times for trips and trip updates
  • Update students weekly with Bible reading schedules

Choir and Orchestra/Band

  • Remind members of practice dates
  • Inform members of last minute rehearsal cancellations or changes
  • Update members of song list selections

Missions Ministry

  • Remind team members of important dates for applications, meetings and trainings
  • Inform church members back home of trip progress
  • Request specific items to be used during trip

These are just a couple of the ways that churches use CallingPost to provide information to their members. Churches all over the country are seeing increased attendance, giving, and participation just by adding our church messaging system to their communication plan. Our economical plans and easy tools ensure that church leaders save time and money by reaching every member at once with the same message. Try CallingPost for free by clicking here

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