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Keeping customers informed is an important part of any business. You want to let them know about any changes, new products or services or important awards you’ve won. But how do you do that?

There is social media, of course. Many people turn to Facebook or Twitter to stay informed. But what if you want something more personal?

You could call each customer individually, but that could take all day – or all week, depending on the size of your business. A much simpler way is to use CallingPost to personalize your message quickly and efficiently.

Through CallingPost, you can record a phone message and send it automatically to an entire group, which can range in size from a few people to tens of thousands. Each person, though, receives the message as if it was meant just for them.

Here are some ways you can utilize CallingPost to keep your customers informed.

New services or products. Yes, you can list these on your website and on social media, but sending a phone message creates a faster awareness and, hopefully, a faster response time from customers.

Sales and other events. If you’re planning a big sale, an open house or other event, CallingPost lets you get the message out quickly. You can even make a call in advance, then send a reminder message on the day of the event. CallingPost users have said that reminder calls produced dramatically improved results.

Specialized offers. Do you have a base of loyal customers you want to reward with an offer not available to the general public? Creating a group of those customers allows you to send a tailored message to just those people. You can do the same if you have a variety of products and services that some, but not all, customers will be interested in.

Thank yous. CallingPost is a great way to occasionally send your regular customers a word of thanks for their business. This type of personalization can increase customer loyalty.

Rumor control. If your business has received some negative publicity, or you’re in a business sector that has been in the news, this is a great way to explain and reassure customers. A phone message can be more effective than an explanation on a website because you are taking a proactive approach in contacting the customer.

For more information about how CallingPost can help you develop better customer relations, visit CallingPost.

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