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You’ve got a big event planned and excitement is running high. But the night of the event, only a handful of people show up. The most common excuse for the failure to attend is “I forgot.”

But there is a great solution to keep people on track with your scheduled events and meetings – automated phone calls, like those provided by CallingPost.

One pastor, for example, started making reminder calls on Wednesday afternoons about that night’s Bible study. He found that not only did weekly attendance increase, but the people who attended were more engaged and enthusiastic.

A mom in charge of an open house auction for her son’s pre-K class found that she had virtually no donated items for the auction just two days away. Using CallingPost, she sent out a reminder message and immediately had four parents call back offering to donate items, and three more donated the next morning.

Here’s what a few others had to say about the effectiveness of CallingPost to send reminders:

“We just had our biggest Leaders Conference of the year, and I used CallingPost to call all of our leaders. Our attendance was way up this year and CallingPost is a big reason why.”

“Our Bible study has increased by 10% along with our usher practices. CallingPost has increased our numbers and brought unity to our ministry.”

For more information about how CallingPost’s automated phone call system can help you send reminders about your events, visit CallingPost.

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