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Tammy is the president of her condo development located in Augusta, GA.

I am the president for a small condo development encompassing one long street.”

As the president it’s her job to relay important information to the homeowners in her community. Tammy has been using CallingPost for quite some time.

We’ve been using the CallingPost voice and text broadcasting system for some nine years for contacting and communicating with our homeowners. I believe we were one of the early customers among the new non-profit groups. Communication is key when needing to address urgent security issues to a large group such as a neighborhood.”

Recently a matter of neighborhood safety came up that all the homeowners needed to be informed about immediately. Tammy knew exactly how to communicate the information to her neighborhood quickly. CallingPost!

“About a year ago, many of our homeowners were victims of vandalism—randomly damaging property. One homeowner caught a quick glimpse of a couple of young men leaving the scene one evening.  As soon as I was alerted, I immediately sent a message to all owners of the problem and ask them to be especially aware of any noises or unrecognizable persons on the street. We asked them to have cameras on standby to catch the young persons since there was a good chance the strangers were responsible for the damage to the homes and yards. This put everybody on alert and with cameras in hand and attention heightened, one owner caught the young persons in the act, took pictures, and accompanied by another owner, tracked them back to their homes.”

Tammy’s quick thinking and fast communication with her neighbors helped her and her neighbors locate the parties responsible and stop them before there was any more damage done.

“The minors were caught, admitted their wrongdoing to the parents, and the vandalism ended. If not for our quick action of alerting all owners, more damage could have been done or worse, somebody may have been injured.”

CallingPost’s voice,  text and email broadcasting tools are able to keep neighborhoods like Tammy’s free from vandalism and other crimes by alerting homeowners via instant updates in their communities.

Get started with keeping your neighborhood safe by trying CallingPost’s instant group messaging system for free at

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