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Planning a major event may be a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Here are some helpful hints from CallingPost to step up your planning ability.

Create lists

Even the best leaders feel overwhelmed when trying to plan an event. The best way to eliminate the stress is to develop a system of lists and take things one step at a time. Whether they’re tasks to be accomplished, volunteers who will be helping out, or items that need to be purchased, lists can always help keep you organized and ensure that you don’t miss an important detail.

Divvy up the jobs

No matter what the occasion, there is never a need to carry all of the weight on your own shoulders. Share the workload with other passionate people committed to getting the job done. That way, the task is never too large, items get checked off the list more quickly and everyone can share in the success! 

Keep the lines of communication open

Remember to keep in close contact with everyone involved, and allow time to meet with everyone beforehand. The best way to deal with problems is to identify them as soon as they develop – or anticipate them before they happen – and swiftly handle them. This can only occur when you have clear, open lines of communication and make sure that you are approachable as well.

Celebrate your success

After the event, send a congratulatory phone call to everyone who participated and enjoy your victory! Make sure everyone feels appreciated and encouraged. The best way to prepare for your next event is to relax and recharge in between your triumphs.

Use CallingPost

CallingPost’s automated phone call system can unite your team to achieve whatever task is at hand, from major events to simple day-to-day communication. It not only enables effective group messages through automated phone calls, but has a unique event managing system that can quickly and painlessly organize your volunteers. Using CallingPost’s automated phone call system and events tool can improve participation by more than 35 percent. Good communications makes everyone happy and feeling like part of the team.

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