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The temperature is dropping. The wind is howling. Wait, are those snowflakes?

Winter storms can play havoc with scheduled events. If the winter storm becomes severe, you may need to cancel events for sports or church – or even your business. You can add an announcement on your website about the cancellation, or add it to the long list of cancellations being read several times per hour on the local radio station. But how do you make sure that the word gets out to the people who really need to know about it before they venture out into the wintery blast?

That’s where CallingPost comes in. CallingPost makes it simple to let a group – small or large – know quickly about a change in an event. Once CallingPost is set up on your system, you simply pick up the phone, record a message and with the push of one button, send it to the phones of everyone on your calling list. Or, if you prefer, you can use the text or email application to quickly send your message to a group with minimal effort.

It’s easy to set up CallingPost, record a message and have it delivered to a group of any size, from 10 to 1,000 or more, within 10 minutes. Once CallingPost is set up, there’s no more need to remember phone numbers, spend hours dialing and repeating the same message or worrying about whether you remembered to contact everyone in your group. It’s all there in one system and everyone who needs to know will be contacted within a matter of minutes.

Contact CallingPost today to see how you can take a little of the chill off a winter storm with our easy-to-use communications system. And check out some of CallingPost’s other features such as website templates, calendars and automated phone answering systems.

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